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Continuous rim diamond blade



Diameter: ø230mm
Bore: ø22.23mm
Max rpm: 6,600 rpm
Use: Marble, granite, porcelain & ceramic tiles.

The continuous rim diamond blade is also known as a wet cut blade and needs to be used with water when cutting. It cuts the slowest of the different diamond blade styles, but produces the best cut.

Why use water?

Water significantly cools down the blade, allowing for a longer life. It flushes out debris to have less friction when cutting and reduces the amount of dust. When the segment has changed colour, little to no coolant was used.

Diamond blade tips



  • Make multiple shallow cuts instead of a single deep cut.
  • Do not side grind a cutting blade.
  • Fit the blade in the correct rotation direction. The life expectancy and cutting performance of the blade will be reduced when fitted reversed. It is also prone to becoming glazed.
  • When a diamond blade is glazed, it feels smooth to the touch with little to no diamonds exposed. This happens when the metal bond on the segment is too hard for the material it is cutting. To rectify - expose more diamonds on the segments by making shallow cuts in a soft, abrasive material like limestone.
  • A short diamond blade life is a result of using a blade with a soft metal bond on a more abrasive material such as sandstone or asphalt.
  • Wet cutting will extend the life of the blade
  • Select the correct blade for the material.
consider safety for your health and the people around you

General safety suggestions:

It is advisable to always have the following items nearby and in a good condition

  • Eye protection – clean and scratch free
  • Hearing protection – quality earmuffs
  • Dust masks – discard old and dirty masks
  • Gloves – for easy handling of material and hand protection
Wear Gloves Eye Protection Hearing Protection Dust Mask
Wear Gloves
Eye Protection
Hearing Protection
Dust Mask



Order number Diameter Bore Style
TW10230 230mm 22.23mm Continuous rim

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